Canine Bark Camp

Ottawa Bark Camp, located in Ottawa, is a summer dog training “boot camp” program designed to train both dogs and humans. Using group drills and positive reinforcement, work as a team with your dog to practice specific skills and behaviours while strengthening the dog's focus and socialization skills in a real-world environment.

At the festival, we will be performing interactive demonstration such as loose leash walking, heel, greeting strangers/other dogs, and more. We encourage all skill levels to come learn something new or show off your dog’s advanced obedience.

In addition, this year we will have a Q&A session on stage. If you have a training/obedience question, or just want to listen to what others might also be struggling with, this will be a great way to get more information on how to discourage unwanted behaviours.

If you are looking for some 1 on 1 time to ask a trainer a question we will have a booth set up all weekend long!


On Stage

Friday - 10:30AM Q&A

- 1:30PM Heel/Loose Leash Walking

Saturday - 10:30AM Q&A

- 1:30PM Take it/Leave it/Drop it

Sunday - 10:30AM Q&A

- 1:30PM Greeting Strangers/Other dogs


Friday-Sunday - Ask the trainer session from open to close.

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