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The Committee

The Kingston trials are in large part fired by volunteers. The enthusiasm and energy that each brings is in no small way, the making of us.

Karen Curtis has been part of the organizing committee for all of its twenty-eight years. She ran dogs for while, but her only Border Collie, Coady, is now a senior citizen, so she could be said to be between dogs. She grew up and continues to live almost next door to Grass Creek Park, in Joyceville, Ontario . She has had the same postal code all her life. If you want to get things done, always ask a busy person. She is busy. She is the piano playing member of Sand Hill Presbyterian Church, a legal assistant at Doug MacPherson Law Office, and indispensible at another friend of the trial, Clow Farm Equipment.

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Randy Scott is also a veteran of the trials. He is not a dog runner but a dedicated enthusiast. Randy worked for many years at Dupont, which became Invista. He retired only to be hired back on contract so we haven’t seen much change in is work patterns. Randy is the friendly face at the hospitality tent and the thinker behind the t-shirts and their sales.

The Kingston Sheep Dog Trials is an incorporated body. Karen, Randy, and Amanda Milliken make up the board which governs the nuts and bolts of the trials. They are ably supported by Kingston City staff Lesley Kimble, Sue Hitchcock, Amy Stephenson, and Nancy Ruel. All are dedicated to the success of this event.