The Judges

We are very pleased to announce that Patrick Shannahan and Johnny Robinson have agreed to judge the 2016 Kingston Sheepdog Trials.
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Patrick Shannahan: Boise, Idaho

This is Patrick’s second judging tour to Kingston. He joined us for our twenty fifth Anniversary trial in 2012. We are honoured to have him back in 2016. Patrick is renowned throughout North America, as a judge, a trainer, a breeder and handler. He is a two time US National Champion. This year he is judging the Canadian Championship at Woodville, next week and the US National Championships in Carbondale Colorado in a month and half. He says he is happy to come back to Kingston for several reason: "The people the hospitality, a fun and interesting trial to judge The sheep are tricky and a little unpredictable. The course was really nice from a viewing standpoint. The opportunity to be in Ontario."
From Boise, Idaho, Patrick is loves his home. "I grew up here. It's an agricultural area with a really nice climate to live in, four season, moderate as far as winter is concerned. 300 days of sunshine lots of water to irrigate, second most productive in the USA--San Jauquin being the first."
Patrick does many clinics throughout North America. He is adored at all of them. The message he brings to prospective handlers is "Dogs are pre programmed but training is learning how to communicate with your dog, to get it to do what you need it to do.
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Johnny Robinson: Coldingham, Berwickshire, Scotland

Johnny Robinson has been a Hill Shepherd for almost all his life, and the majority of it working in Scotland. Born in Alnwick, Northumberland, he couldn’t wait to leave school and get out to work on local farms as soon as he could. The herding life soon took him from the Cheviots of Northumberland to the Lammermuirs of Scotland. In 1996, after 22 years, he left his position as Livestock Manager and Head Shepherd for the Duke of Roxburgh, where he managed a flock of nearly 2000 Scottish Blackface ewes over 8000 acres. He joined fortunes with his new partner and soon to be wife, and purchased a farm on the moorlands of the Scottish Borders in Coldingham. He competes and judges on the National and International level, exporting dogs to Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa, and the USA and more often than not has a dog in the Scottish Nursery Final.

Johnny continues to breed excellent trial and working dogs from his home farm, Springhill, and also puts on one Open Trial and two Nursery Trials and Springhill farm every year. He enjoys competing and traveling to outstanding competitions worldwide.

We welcome him to Kingston for the first time.