Waupoos Island is 50 kilometers west of Kingston in Lake Ontario and is a kilometer off shore in Prince Edward County. The sheep come from a flock of 1400 ewes which have been on Waupoos Island since 1976. Bob Fleguel and Erin Roughan purchased the then 500 ewe flock in 1980 and have increased the flock over the years with the support of their five children all of whom continue to have an active interest in the operation.

Harinui Farm is a 100% pasture based operation. The island is 900 acres and the farm uses 85%, some owned and the rest rented. The breeding now is predominantly Dorset with some Romonov and Cheviot influence. In the last week of April the ewes are tail crutched and set stocked on the pastures for lambing in May. They stay there till late July when they come in for weaning. The ewes are then shorn and this year 600 of them have come to Grass Creek.

In the fall when the pasture is finished on the island the ewes are barged off the island for winter feeding. In March the ice conditions usually allow the ewes to be walked back to the island where they finish up the winter feeding program and are prepared for lambing.

The ewes are almost always worked in large mobs using both heading/eye dogs and huntaway dogs along with ATVs, so when they come to Grass Creek and are worked in small groups they are definitely out of their comfort zone.

In March, the Waupoos Island sheep returned to the Island. Amanda Milliken was there to help shepherd them with her working border collies Bart and Monty.