The Kingston Sheep Dog Trials owes its success in large part to the ongoing support received from the many individuals, groups, businesses, municipal staff and corporate sponsors over the years. Our thanks go out to all who have helped to make the trials a success, and if by chance we have left anyone out, it is an oversight and does not in any way diminish our appreciation for your support.
Check out these sponsorship opportunities for the 2016 sheepdog trials.

Funding Partners

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The William James Henderson Foundation
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Corporate Sponsors

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Champion Pet Foods, Ontario Border Collie Club, Green Tractors Inc., Campbells Septic Services

Media Sponsors

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Sheep to Shawl Sponsors and Volunteers

Betsy Walters, Coordinator
Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers, Cornerstone Fibers, Silver Cloud Alpacas,
What's Weft by Esther Grav, Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners volunteers
for their demonstrations

Sheep Dog Trials Volunteers

Heather Nadelman, Kak Weathers, Mich Ferraro, Sue Schoen, Sally Molloy, Werner Reitboeck, Dave and Mary Ellen Young, Sandra Massie, Steve Wetmore, Beverley Lambert, Barbara Ray, Tom Hoeber, Gord and Sheila Norris, Tara Dier, Mary Minor, Michelle Talianna, Maria Mick, John Milloy, Louise Hadley, Cynthia Palmer, John Palmer, Teresa Castonguay, Helen Knibb, Susan Shipton, Petra Munro

Official Trials Veterinarian

Dr. Heather Sims, Sims Animal Hospital

Sheep Dog Trials Committee

Amanda Milliken, Chair; Karen Curtis, Director; Randy Scott, Director
City Staff: Lesley Kimble, Sue Hitchcock, Amy Stephenson, Dylan Payne., Nancy Ruel

Special thanks to the City of Kingston Public Works and Communications departments for their support each year. This event could not happen without them!