Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a sheep dog trial?
It’s a timed competition where Border Collies (primarily) herd sheep through an obstacle course, with accuracy and efficiency, demonstrating the skills required by working dogs.

For a really thorough answer, click here to read descriptions of the courses.
How do I get to Grass Creek Park?
You can get there by car or bike! Grass Creek is located half way between Kingston and Gananoque on Highway #2 East. There is plenty of parking if you drive your car.
Can I use credit or debit cards for purchases at the Festival?
Some vendors do take credit cards or cheques, and there is also an ATM on site should you need to access cash.
What can my kids do at the Festival?
Besides the trials competition, there are all kinds of activities for kids of all ages. We have the Agility demonstations, a sandy beach for swimming, a playground, and wares at the Marketplace! This event truly has something for everyone! Camp groups are more than welcome to come out. 
Can I bring a dog to the Festival?
We welcome dogs, in fact, we kind of cater to them! We have vendors with pet supplies in case they get hungry, a dog-access beach for them to cool off in activities for them to get involved in (give the lure course a try!) or get them interested in agility or trialling if they want to sit and watch! Please keep them on a leash!
What can I buy to eat or drink at the Festival?
We have a wide variety of local food trucks and vendors on site, with lots of healthy options and the usual festival favourites – salads and sandwiches, hotdogs, sausages, baked goods, icecream, or whatever your taste buds crave. Or, you can feel free to bring a picnic lunch along with you and enjoy it by the water or while watching one of the Festival attractions.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t sell bottled water on site – we are a sustainable event - but if you bring a water bottle (or buy one at the trials) you can drink fresh cold drinking water FREE all day long from our Utilities Kingston Water Buggy!
Where can I stay when I visit the Festival?
Kingston has a huge variety of hotels, campgrounds, B&B’s nearby. You can visit for more information.