The Announcers

You have told us you like the announcing and we have answered with a roster of articulate, informed announcers who bring you play by play of the action on the field. The obscure details of sheep dogging are frequently their most thrilling moments. The Kingston audience is admired for attention to things that make great runs and sympathetic disappointment when runs go south. Our volunteer announcers are here to help. Even handlers like to listen, each run becoming something of a clinic, under the watchful eye of our commentators. They are all friendly and approachable. If you get a chance to say hello, do.

Bev Lambert has won the trials at Kingston more often than any of us. She keeps coming up with new dogs equal to the job but her most famous was Pippa, who retired after a fabulous career. Bev retired from the Bloomfield Library not too long after and she has assumed a second career as a professional dog hand. She is making us nervous.

Amanda Milliken is a Kingstonian. She trials all over North America. A four time Canadian Champion, she was the 2005 US National Champion. She breeds, trains and trials all her dogs.